Why MissionOG Invested in Tethr



“There’s a whole ocean of oil under our feet! No one can get at it except for me!”
– Daniel Plainview, There Will Be Blood

With troves of voice data from call and customer care centers, enterprises sit on an ocean of data about their customers, but they lack a means to structure and draw insights from that data set.

To compete, it is critical for enterprises to adapt their customer experience based on intelligence. Chief executives and their teams are consistently challenged to better understand their customer. To truly evolve their business, corporations need to analyze and learn from their existing customer conversations.

Voice data is the largest unstructured data set that enterprises possess; however, for many, it remains an untapped asset. Because they lack a means to interpret this data at scale, large corporations turn to buying outside research, follow-on surveys, or listening to calls on a one-off basis to provide insights on the very customers with whom they already converse with millions of minutes each year.

Tethr has changed this paradigm for the enterprise.

Tethr is a cloud-based platform that translates customer interactions and surfaces actionable data to enhance business performance. Tethr’s intelligent analytics platform combines powerful AI and decades of customer research to analyze phone calls in real time and offer insights that can improve their customer experience. Enterprises with large call centers leverage the solution to improve customer loyalty, increase sales efficiencies, and stay compliant.

Why does this solution work now?

The enterprise has heard similar promises from previous solution providers, but with advancement in technology, the timing to bring translation and AI at scale is now.

  1. Transcription software has advanced and can achieve close to 100% accurate translation of voice to data
  2. The cost of storage has continued to drop, so the output is more affordable to house and easier to access.
  3. Machine learning has evolved, so insights from large volumes of data can be found/captured/proposed

Tethr has productized this entire value chain, so that customer voice data can be structured, stored, and analyzed.

Why does Tethr work so well?

  • It’s adaptable. Tethr can be layered on top of any existing phone system.
  • Comprehensive. The solution can translate voice data in real-time and provide insights on 100% of calls with customers.
  • Wicked Smart. Powered by an AI engine that has been trained with a decade of customer research, as well as each company’s specific needs, Tethr can provide insights that are relevant and impactful.
  • Really tactical. With features like intelligent search and auto-redacting of sensitive information, Tethr addresses specific business issues that come with managing a large volume call or customer care center.
  • Versatile. The output can be viewed within the platform or pushed out to any CRM or BI tool.
  • Forward-looking. It would be difficult to argue that existing customer methods are effective or scale. Tethr helps its customer transform critical business processes.

MissionOG invested in Tethr’s most recent funding round and are excited to partner with their team. With Tethr, enterprises can be their own Daniel Plainview and leverage a massive, underutilized asset. To learn more about how Tethr helps companies with large call centers transform their business, you can view case studies on Alabama Power and TruGreen.